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Board of Directors


Name & Title Phone Email
Ken Vander Woude - President 554-5433 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ron Vetter – Vice President 656-2866 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nancy and Tom Moyer – Co-Treasurer 581-2896 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Susan Shamali – Secretary 318-1360 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rick Cole – CSPOA Liaison 633-3213 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Areas of Responsibility


1. Provide oversight for Association operations

2. Preside over all meetings of directors and members

3. Prepare the agenda for all meetings

4. Approve and authorize all expenditures of Association Funds

5. Arrange for annual independent audit of financial status

6. Create special committees to address specific concerns (i.e. road resurface, traffic, etc.,     

    and appoint committee and board members.

7. Maintain proper records and notify owners of annual painting schedule.

8. Provide oversight for painting contract and resolve issues. Obtain competitive bids and select supplier at contract renewal time.


Vice President

1. Preside over and prepare agenda for meetings in the absence of the President

2. Provide oversight of lawn care/snowplow and lawn irrigation system maintenance contracts and issues. Obtain competitive bids and select suppliers at contract renewal time.

3. Provide oversight of trash removal service, issues and contract.

4. Revise, update and produce Association Rules Booklet and Dues envelopes as required.

5. Coordinate the completion of, and arrange for a service provider, for the annual “Backflow Prevention Report” to Gaines Township Utility Authority for Landoshire and M.Morning Courts.



1. Prepare minutes of quarterly Board meetings and annual meeting.  Distribute minutes to all

    members via email and hard copy as required.

2. Prepare meeting notices, announcements, bulletins as required and distribute to all

    members via email and hard copy as required.

3. Distribute annual dues envelopes and revised Rules Booklets.

4. Obtain Welcome baskets, owner information packets and deliver to new villa owners.

5. Notifies trash service provider of pickup count during “snow-bird” season.



1.  Prepare monthly financial reports (profit and loss, balance sheet) to the Directors.

2.  Maintain appropriate logs, ledger sheets, etc., for the recording of monthly membership    

     dues and other accounts receivable.

3. Apply late fees to member dues not received on time. Notify members of delinquent

    account status.

4. Prepare annual budget and present to membership at annual meeting

5. Maintain checking and saving accounts with authorized association banking authorities.

6. Pay monthly bills to contractors and other authorized accounts Payable.

7. Prepare annual federal and state income tax forms and mail them to government agencies.

8. Prepare annual state non-profit corporation forms and send with fees to State of Michigan.

9. Prepare and execute liens on properties that are delinquent with Association fees/dues.






As a result of purchasing a unit in our Wexford Villa community, we have all agreed to accept, and are legally bound by, the Master Deed, the By-Laws of our Corporation and the Crystal Springs Declaration of Residential Use Restrictions. This handbook is intended to help you more readily understand the simple guidelines for our community living.


Please note that this handbook is a summary of the rules and regulations of the Association. Please refer to the legal documents noted above for specific verbiage.


It should be clear that it is the responsibility of each Co-owner, to acquaint each household member, or renter/tenant resident, of the value of observing these rules and regulations.


Your cooperation is important. Your neighbors will appreciate it.




As a non-profit corporate entity, you, the Co-owner, elect members to the Board of Directors to represent you, to administer the Master Deed and By-Laws, to govern and to manage the affairs of the Association.  Board members are responsible for all facets of the administration of the Association including preparing annual budgets, assessments, making and enforcing rules and regulations, oversight of the maintenance activity, long range planning, approval of contracts for services, financial planning and stability in banking/investments, insurance coverage, the protection of Co-owners' equity, just to name a few.


The real important part is your participation.  You are encouraged to consider serving on the Board or to work with your neighbors on necessary committees as needed from time to time.


Board members are elected at each of our Annual Meetings.  These meetings cover the full range of issues pertinent to governing the affairs of the Association and should have full Co-owner support and participation.  These meetings are held around the first Thursday in October and all Co-owners are urged to attend.




Your representatives, the Board of Directors, are elected annually. The term of office is two (2) years. There are four (4) Board members with two (2) elected each year to a two (2) year term.

The Board meets quarterly in March, June, September, and December. There are no closed meetings and all Co-owners are invited to attend.  In each meeting, the Board reviews a financial report, the delinquent report, a review of previous meeting minutes, as well as old and new agenda items, and action taken on those items needing attention.


All Co-owners have the right to ask that any item of business be placed on the agenda.  All correspondence to the Board is presented to it at the first meeting of the Board following its receipt.


While the Board retains the right to determine suitable content for any meeting agenda, history will show that any Co-owner care or concern that directly affects community life at Wexford is addressed in a timely and reasonable fashion.




The Board has the responsibility, as set forth in the By-laws, to annually budget the dollars necessary to operate the Association and pay the bills for the coming year.  Once the Board has approved the new annual budget, individual association fees are determined.  Our fiscal year coincides with the calendar year.  Prior to it, you will be notified of the coming fee schedule and will be given a copy of the entire budget with a breakdown by line items of expected expense.  Association fees are due and payable the first of each month.  Any payment postmarked after the tenth of each month will be considered delinquent, and as such becomes a violation of our bylaws. (See enforcement rules below)  


NOTE:     There have been isolated instances where Co-owners have withheld all or part of their Association Fees because of alleged deficiencies in services provided.  Please be advised that there is no legal basis for this action.






Your volunteer Board members are not a police force. They do not patrol the neighborhood looking for violations. However, if violations are brought to the Board’s attention, certain actions may be taken. If a member of the Wexford Villas Association is in violation of any provision of the Master Deed, the Bylaws, the Crystal Springs Declaration of Residential Use Restrictions, or any duly adopted rules or regulation of the Association, the Board of Directors is authorized to impose a fine or fines as provided in Section 17.4 of the Bylaws.


For purposes of determining the number of violations of a particular member, the calendar year shall be used to determine the number of violations so that the appropriate fine can be levied. As provided in the Bylaws, no fine is imposed for the first violation, $25 may be imposed for the second violation, $50 may be assessed for the third violation and $100 may be assessed for the fourth violation and each additional violation.


The Association fees and dues are due and payable on the first of each month. Any payment received/postmarked after the 10th day of the month will be considered a violation and fines may be assessed as set forth herein. If, in a calendar year, a member fails to timely pay the monthly Association Dues, the Board of Directors will impose a $25.fine for the second violation, $50.for the third violation and $100.for each additional violation.


For example, assume that in a new calendar year, a member failed to pay dues in January and is late in paying the Association Dues in February, March and April. The Board of Directors can, after giving notice of the January violation, assess a $25. fine for the February violation (2nd violation), a $50. fine for the March violation (3rd violation) and a $100. fine for the April violation (4th violation).


Prior to the imposition of fines, a polite letter is sent to the homeowner pointing out the violation and request for action within one week. If this is ignored, a reminder is sent and the Board may take stronger measures including property lien, suspension of services, the use of an attorney, court proceedings. Fees incurred in the collection process will be added to the balance due. Note: An administrative fee of $50.00 each will be incurred by the property owner for both filing and releasing a lien. This is in addition to the County filing fee.  






Those structures and improvements that are located within the boundaries of a condominium unit are owned in their entirety by the Co-owner of the unit and will not constitute "common elements".


All land, roads and other surface improvements not located within the condominium unit are considered "common elements".  The cost of maintenance, repair and replacement of these common elements will be borne by the Association except to the extent of repair due to act or neglect of a Co-owner, or his agent, invitee, family member or pet.





 Your Association Monthly Dues provide for a number of seasonal services that are contracted for by your Board of Directors.   Following are the services provided: (Please see page 11 for “Supplier Contact” information. See page 12, “Maintenance Agreements” for complete job specifications on the following services.)


Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service


Lawn Irrigation Service


Villa Exterior Painting Service


     Trash Removal/Curbside Recycling   


Road Repair and Resurface  Our private roads are inspected annually for any surface faults.  A reserve fund is maintained for making required repairs and/or replacement.


Insurance  General liability is provided on the common areas  within the Association. (See Insurance page 9)





The cost of maintenance, repair and replacement of all improvements within the boundaries of a Unit will be borne by the Co-owner of the unit, except for maintenance performed by the Association (see paragraph above, "Association Responsibilities").




The Association is responsible for painting the Villa exteriors with one coat every five years.  This includes repainting the garage door and service doors that open to the outside of the house.  All other painting requirements, for example trim in a different color than the siding color, deck cleaning and replacing cracked or damaged siding is the responsibility of, and is to be paid for by, the owner.





The installation of vinyl siding is an option Co-Owners may wish to investigate in lieu of painting. Owners in the past have installed vinyl siding when extensive repairs to their wood paneling was required. The cost of vinyl siding is the owner’s responsibility. However a portion of association dues paid by the owner may be refundable and future dues are lowered due to the elimination of painting every five years. Certain restrictions apply, see “Standards” below.


Vinyl Siding Compatibility Standards


Wexford Villa Co-Owners contemplating the addition of vinyl siding to their villas are required to conform to the following basic job specifications.


1.    Vinyl siding product must have a minimum thickness rating of .044”, or above.

2.    Color selection must match (or closely match) one of the approved colors on the Wexford Villas Paint Color Chart.

3.    Approval of a detailed job description on contractor’s quotation/specification form is required by the Wexford Board of Directors prior to contracting for a siding project. (Use “Request for Board Approval” form on page 18 to accompany contractor’s forms.

4.    In addition to thickness and color, contractor’s quotation/specification form must include the following items if being included in the construction project.

Siding – Clapboard Design or Board and Batten Design

Soffit – Design, thickness and color

Shingle Shakes – Style, location of use and color

Trimworks – Style and color

5.    A visual of the project should be provided if possible.





The subject of keeping pets is a highly emotional issue at many condominiums, and they have been banned at some.  Co-owners with pets must realize their pets can become a nuisance if not controlled.


All our corporate papers are very clear on the subject, but because "dogs" are the more popular members of the pet family, repeating our specific rules pertaining to them appears appropriate.  Crystal Springs Declaration of Residential Use Restrictions states, "No dog may be permitted at any time outside a residence unless the dog is contained within a permitted dog run, or unless the dog is accompanied by an attendant who shall have such dog firmly held by collar and leash, which leash shall not exceed eight (8) feet in length."


In brief, dog controls are thoroughly covered in Township ordinances which mandate all citizens to keep pets under control.  In addition, sanitation is prescribed.  The owner of a dog "shall immediately remove all droppings and properly dispose of them."





For security and aesthetic reasons, garage doors should be kept closed at all times except as may be reasonably necessary to gain access to and from any garage.





Parking within our condominium community may sometimes be a problem, mostly when simple courtesy and consideration for our neighbors is not given. Of concern to all is the potential condition that emergency vehicles may not be able to respond to calls for assistance.  Every effort should first be made by the property owner to insure all vehicles, personal and those of guests, are parked in his driveway. A property owner, however, is permitted to have one guest car parked overnight in the street without the approval of the Association.  If an owner’s parking needs require that more than one guest car needs to be parked overnight, approval must be obtained in advance from The Board of Directors.





Crystal Springs Declaration of Residential Use Restrictions states, "No exposed exterior radio or television transmission or receiving antennas, dishes, or other devices will be erected, placed or maintained on any lot or unit.  Any waiver of these restrictions will not constitute a waiver as to other lots or lines or antennas.”


In the event satellite dishes cannot be installed under the roof, the Board has taken the following position.  Anyone wishing a satellite dish on their place of residence must submit in writing their request to the Board of Directors prior to installation. Criteria for approval is as follows:

               1.             The dish cannot exceed 22" in diameter.

               2.             Color of dish must be compatible with the residence and adjoining houses.

               3.             Location of dish on the residence cannot be obtrusive to the neighbors.





No signs or advertising will be displayed on any lot or unit unless their size, form, and number are first approved by the Directors, except that one "For Sale" sign not exceeding five (5) square feet in size may be displayed without approval. One political sign, conforming to the above size restrictions, may be displayed up to three weeks prior to an election and must be removed by the end ofelection day.       





All Units in Wexford shall be used exclusively for single-family residence purposes.  Co-owners may lease their Units provided written disclosure is submitted to the Association prior to such lease transactions, and that this disclosure ensures compliance with the pertinent articles of Wexford By-Laws, Wexford Master Deed and CSPOA Residential Use Restrictions.  All lease agreements must be at least one (1) year unless specifically approved in advance in writing by the Association’s Board of Directors.






A Co-owner who is about to sell must provide the Unit buyer with a copy of the Association Master Deed, By-Laws and Crystal Springs Declaration of Use Restrictions. Copies of these are available from the Association if the Owner cannot locate their original. The Co-owner is also required to advise the Board as to the name of the purchaser and the expected closing date. The Association will provide this handbook to the new owner.





A policy is in force that protects the public against losses resulting from bodily injury or property damage on the "common areas" of the Association.  It provides a limit of insurance "per person" for bodily injury and property damage liability.  This means as a Co-owner, you are protected for this type of loss and will be represented by the insurance company in any legal action brought against the Association.


It must also be stressed that this liability policy does not cover any of the living area.  Each Co-owner "building" - the actual structure itself, inside and out, is the exclusive responsibility of that Co-owner, and is excluded from any insurance carried by the Association.

All Co-owners are urged to contact their personal agent to ensure adequate protection.


The Association also carries a Fidelity Bond on the President and Treasurer.






The Association is not responsible for painting the mailbox and/or the supporting post, as well as not being responsible for painting the post that supports the light fixture.  When mailbox or lamp replacement is required, it is the responsibility of the Co-owner to do so. Co-owners:  Your post lights must be in constant working order because these lights are the streetlights for our security. The “standard” mailbox for Crystal Springs is a black box that sits on top of a black post.  If a new mail box/post is required or repair service required, contact Mailboxes Are Us at 249-2909 for the approved style. Contact is Kelly Edwards for pricing on old and new style mailboxes.





The unique architectural character of Wexford was established with its original design.  The free-standing concept, the contemporary unit design, together with a beautiful golf course setting, are features that attracted most Co-owners and encouraged them to buy.


To insure that any changes or alterations will not affect the original concept and design, the Board of Directors must approve any proposed change, modification and/or addition to existing structure. Co-owners wishing to make changes must submit their request in writing, (See “Request for Board Approval” form on page 18), along with detailed sketches to the Board at least thirty days before your planned change.  Changes made without approval may result in the Association ordering restoration to an "as built" condition with appropriate charges assessed to the Co-owner.







It is the Co-owners' responsibility to care for, and where necessary, to replace all nursery stock, trees and shrubs located within the boundaries of their property. New trees and shrub planting by the Co-owners must assure that their location does not eliminate the golf course view.


To protect the esthetics integrity of Wexford, the Board has the authority, when necessary, to insist Co-owner actions be taken to care for any deteriorating condition.


All nursery items located within the common areas are the responsibility of the Association.





Garage sales are not allowed unless the Wexford Villa Board and the majority of co-owners approve. There is a concern that damage to property and sprinkling systems could occur due to the narrowness or our streets and limited parking space. However, the Board of Directors has granted one year approvals in the past only during the Crystal Springs POA Annual Garage Sale event held in May the weekend of Mother’s Day. Wexford Co-Owners interested in participating must co-ordinate with the CSPOA event. A decision regarding participation in future garage sales will be made at the Fall Board of Directors meeting. 






In summary, it has been the ongoing efforts of this Board to define the contents of this Handbook for one purpose - to guard and insure your rights as a member of the Wexford Condominium Community.


The only ingredient of successful condominium living that cannot be mandated by the Master Deed or the By-Laws is your thoughtfulness for, and your cooperation with, your neighbors.  Caring for our neighbors, coupled with respect for our rules and regulations, will go far to guarantee our having one of the finest condominium developments in southwest Michigan.






Following are the Maintenance Service Contractors for Wexford Villas. If you have questions or concerns regarding any of the services they provide, feel free to contact them direct. Please let the Board know if you are not satisfied with their response or if you are pleased with their service.

Landscape Maintenance/Snow Removal and Lawn Irrigation Services

Supplier: RRR Lawn & Landscape LLC

                                    6757 Cascade Rd. SE #121

                                    Grand Rapids, MI 49546



                      Contact: Ryan Riebel, President                                

                      Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (e-mail is the preferred contact method)

                      Phone: 893-5765             




Painting Service


                     Supplier:  Premier Home Painting

                                     631 Hall St. SW

                                      Grand Rapids MI 49503


                     Contact:  Antonio Vazquez          

                      Phone:  616-821-3437      

                      Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Trash Removal/Recycling


 Supplier: Bob’s Disposal

                7748 S. Division Ave.

                Grand Rapids Mi 49548


Contact: Gwen or Phil Vander Heide

                Phone: 455-1155

                Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








Following are the job specifications we send to suppliers when we solicit bids for our maintenance requirements. Co-Owners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these specifications so they know what is included in the services provided. If you believe something should be changed to improve these specifications, please contact the Board member responsible.

Landscape Maintenance/Snow Removal and Irrigation Services



WVA has 40 home sites along Misty Morning Drive, Misty Morning Court and Landoshire Court.  There are also two cul-de-sac islands.  A site/survey plan is available.


1.             Spring Clean-up

·    To be completed mid-April, weather permitting.  All leaves, sticks and debris to be removed from under all plantings, out of beds and lawns and removed from all properties.


2.             Bark/Mulch Application

          ·    Spreading of good-quality, more finely ground natural bark mulch, distributed evenly in beds and around trees/bushes on all properties currently utilizing bark. To be completed in April, along with Spring Clean-up.

          •    Property owner must notify service provider prior to application, if color-enhanced bark is desired. Otherwise the same color as the previous year will be applied. A cost of $14.00 per yard for color will billed to the homeowner.


3.             Lawn Mowing and Trimming

          ·    All grass should be cut to a consistent 3-inch level, once per week, April through October. Two final cuts will be made in November with mowing decks lowered to 2-inches.

          ·    Care should be taken so as to eliminate clippings being blown into residents’ air conditioners, garages, cars, sidewalks, driveways, flowerbeds, or rock/bark mulch.  Blow clippings into grass only!

          ·    Clippings are to be removed from the sites.  No clippings are to be left on common area after any work is performed.  All areas will be either blown clean or swept clean.

          ·    Homeowner yard refuse pickup is limited to 2 biodegradable bags. Non bag-able items, branches etc. are to be cut into three foot lengths and tied in bundles. No plastic items, including flower pots, are to be included. Materials must be placed curbside on mowing day by 10:00 am. Excessive amounts will be subject to charges, and will be picked up the next available day. Contact service provider for pickup.

          ·    All lawn damage due to the equipment or operator error must be repaired the same day it happened.  If large area is damaged, the entire area will be roped off, keeping all mowers and people away from damaged area to allow the seed to become established

4.              Edging  Edging will be done on curbs, driveways and sidewalks bi-weekly throughout     the season.



5.             Fertilization & Weed Control

Pesticide program shall be performed by licensed, trained technician. All chemicals to

be of high quality commercial grade.


·       Four (4) applications of good quality fertilizer/weed control (approximate dates:  May , July, September and October)

·       First application to contain pre-emergent crabgrass control and time release nitrogen fertilizer.

·       Fall application of chemical treatment will be done to control weeds for upcoming season.

·       Weed control in planting beds and stone areas to be done every other week with a combination of chemical treatment and pulling by hand, as necessary.


6.             Aeration

          ·    Core aeration is to be completed once per year September/October.


7.             Shrub & Tree Trimming

          ·    All landscape plantings, shrub and tree trimming are to be completed by an experienced, trained, capable professional, two (2) times per year. In Spring when Spring growth/flowering is complete around Memorial day. Fall pruning will be completed around Labor Day. Trimming of trees taller than ten (10) feet is available. Contact service provider for a cost estimate. All debris is to be hauled away.

               A “Pruning Guide” sheet is made available for co-owners to list pruning/trimming  preferences. See page 19. Send completed form to Wexford Vice President.


8.             Fall Clean-up

          ·    To be completed by mid-November.  All leaves and debris to be removed from under all plantings, out of beds and lawns and removed from all properties and islands.

          ·   Fall clean-up will include trimming of all bushes, shrubs, grasses and perennials as necessary.


9.             Snow Removal

           ·   Guide stakes shall be placed along roadway and driveways as required to avoid lawn/plant damage.  All fire hydrants will be marked and kept clear of snow piles or build-up.

          ·    Snow removal of drives, sidewalks and private road to be done when accumulation is past 2-inches. During evening snowfall, plowing will be performed before 7 am.    Daytime snowfall shall be plowed by 5 pm if accumulation exceeds 2 inches.  Heavy snowfalls and large snow piles may require loader or bobcat services for removal of snow.

                All damage to residents’ properties including sprinkler heads and mail boxes caused by snowplows must be responsibility of service provider. Repairs shall be performed at Spring cleanup unless immediate attention is required.

          ·    Driveways will be plowed to within two feet of garage door (remaining two feet to be shoveled by hand).  Sidewalks, including steps and porch, will be cleared to the front door.

          ·    Deicing may be required on request of a WVA Board Member.  Deicers must be landscape and concrete safe and must work at temperatures below freezing.



Lawn Irrigation Specifications


   Spring Turn-On


  • Service provider notifies homeowners in April, via flyer, of the week activation will start. (usually around the last week in April, weather permitting). Flyer describes homeowner responsibilities.
  • NOTE: The service provider must be given access to the system controller. If there is a scheduling problem, or a specific appointment time is required, the homeowner must contact the service provider.
  • Activates homeowners and the two island systems, tests each zone and sprinkler head for proper working order and coverage. Makes spray-head adjustments as required.
  • If repairs are required the service provider will contact the homeowner with an estimate of costs. Any damage caused by service provider’s snowplows will be paid for by service provider.  If repairs are required on the island systems, the supplier will contact the Vice President of the Wexford Villa Assoc.
  • Monthly association dues cover system turn-on and turn-off service. Homeowners are responsible for any repair costs to their system.


   Fall Turn-Off

  • Supplier notifies homeowners in September/October of the week deactivation service will begin and homeowner’s responsibilities.
  • Blow out all system lines and zones for each homeowner and two islands to ensure protection for the systems throughout the winter months.
  • NOTE: The service provider must be provided access to the system controller. If there a scheduling problem, homeowner must contact the service provider.


10. Homeowner’s Feedback

          ·    Service provider owner/manager must be available to attend one WVA Director’s meeting, mid-season, for homeowner’s feedback.


11. Terms

          ·    Contract period is for 41 months beginning Nov.1, 2015 through March 31, 2019.  WVA reserves the right to cancel the contract for cause at the end of each of three 12 month periods with a 60-day notice.

          ·    Payment will be made in monthly installments by the 10th of each month beginning in November 2015.

               Service provider must provide proof or liability insurance and license for chemical applications.



Painting Service




There are 38 villas in the Wexford Villa Association that require painting. Each villa is painted every 5 years, ranging from 5 to 9 villas per year.



- Pre-soak with safe, mild detergent that contains mold/mildew killing agents and pressure wash thoroughly paying special attention to        prepare surface to be painted.

- Scrape all loose and peeling paint to ensure firm base for new paint.

-Caulk with White-Lightning caulk and fill all cracks and broken existing seams.

- Prime all surfaces that are bare, water or smoke damaged, with oil primer so new paint will bond properly.

-Notify home owner if siding panels have rot or damage and should be repaired/replaced.

-Paint all surfaces, siding, trim, fascia, door trim threshold and casing with Sherwin Williams Exterior Latex Super Paint. 

-Paint garage door, front and service door with Sherwin Williams oil based Super Paint.


Painting trim in a different color than the siding color, deck cleaning/staining and replacing cracked siding boards will be done at additional cost by homeowner directly to the painting contractors.


The Wexford Villa Board of Directors reserves the right to select the brand of paint used          (Sherwin Williams Super Paint will be used).


When each unit is completed a satisfaction survey supplied by the painter will be given to the homeowner to fill out.  The survey will be returned to the painter and a copy will be given to the Association Board.



The contract is for three years beginning May 2014. The Wexford Association Board reserves the right to terminate the contract if there are two dissatisfied customers in any given year. Payment is due upon completion the work.


Trash Removal/Recycling Service




There are 40 villas in the association, located on Misty Morning Drive, Misty Morning Court and Landoshire Court.


Each Villa is furnished with a 64-gallon trash container.  A 96-gallon trash container is available at no extra charge, if requested by the homeowner.  The containers are picked up the same day on a weekly basis. If a holiday occurs during the week, pickup will be one day later.

Service provider will pick up large items such as furniture etc. when notified by homeowner. There may be a charge for this service which will be billed directly to the homeowner. 

All homeowners are encouraged to recycle. A bin for this purpose is available on request. Pickup of recyclables is on a bi-weekly basis, the same day of the week as trash container pickup. Additional bins or a recycle “cart” is available, if necessary, on request at no extra charge.

If a homeowner is gone for a period of 30 days or longer, the Association can be “credited” the weekly charges during the absence. The Homeowner is required to notify the WVA Secretary, in advance, of the absence dates, both leave date and return date, in order for the Association to receive this credit. The Secretary then notifies service provider of the total pickup count for each affected month.  


Homeowner’s Feedback

Service provider representative must be available to attend one WVA Directors meeting during the year if requested.



Payment will be made in twelve monthly installments by the 10th of the month following receipt of invoice.