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Each association within the Crystal Springs development on the east side of Kalamazoo Ave. has their own recorded documents allowing them the discretion to allow fencing or not within their association. 

The Village Homeowners Association allows the following: 

All residents of The Village HOA requesting fencing must submit a plan, timeline and photographs to The Village HOA Board for approval, prior to erecting any fencing. Approval must be granted before installation begins. Prior to installation, gas and electric utility lines must be marked. 


Fences erected on properties within The Village HOA shall be black or white in color (no other colors permitted), made of aluminum or vinyl, and shall be no higher than 48 inches/4ft tall. No wood, chain-link, chicken wire or privacy fencing of any kind is permitted. Fencing rail orientation must be vertical with open spaces between the rails; must be flat top with no top spikes, or arches, only flat top gates are permitted. 


No fencing shall extend beyond the front building line or begin at the front of the dwelling. All fencing must follow Gaines Township zoning ordinances. Maintenance of grass and weeds growing along the fence-line is the sole responsibility of the fence owner; this includes trimming on both sides of the fence with the exception if the neighboring property shares the fence line. Fences must be kept clean and in good repair. 


To be considered for approval, please submit your plans, timeline and photos to bonnie@huyserpropertymanagement  c/o The Village HOA board.  The Village HOA board serves as the architecture committee per association by-laws.  


Residents on the west side of Kalamazoo Ave. must follow the Crystal Springs Plat Building Restrictions of each phase of the development which states: 

No wall or fence of any height will be constructed on any Lot except split rail fences of two rails not more than forty-two (42) inches in height which may have located on the inside of the split rail fence a black or green linked wire fence no more than forty-two (42) inches in height and except swimming pools may have legally required fencing around the, approved by Developer in approving the swimming pool plan. Fencing which is otherwise permitted on a Lot may not, however, be placed within twenty-five (25) feet of any golf course property adjoining the Lot. The heights or elevations of any wall or fence will be measured from the existing elevations of the property at or along the applicable points or lines. 

Contact Huyser Property Mgt. at 616-656-0197 or bonnie@huyserpropertymanagement for further clarification if needed.